Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shad's 1st Giants game

Last weekend we took Shad to his 1st Giants game! We left Kaihla with my mom, and spent a great day, just the three of us. The game happened to fall on my birthday, and what better way to spend it than with my two favorite guys!! Sean and Shad in front of Willie McCovey's statue
Checking out batting practice =)
The look on Shad's face as he watched batting practice was priceless..such a big field and they can hit the ball so far!!!

3 of the 4 Jarvs in our seats at AT&T Park....Go Giants!!

Shad showing off his ticket..he held on to it like it was gold!

After the game they allowed children to run the bases!!! I'm not sure who was more excited, Sean or Shad!! There was a long line, but it went quickly

Walking on the right field warning track...he was so excited, and said he was going to run really fast!!

There he goes!!!--I took video too, but they kinda pushed me out of there so the video is a little too shaky. After the game we stopped at Mel's Diner for dinner...mmmmmm! Perfect day! Now, when Shad watches the Giants play, he feels a bit more connected...and asks a lot more questions! (how many homeruns does this guy have, how many strikes on this batter, how many outs...or he just tells us everything he knows throughout the game...LOL!)

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Vickie said...

All Nana can say is "AWESOMENESS" !