Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shad's 1st Giants game

Last weekend we took Shad to his 1st Giants game! We left Kaihla with my mom, and spent a great day, just the three of us. The game happened to fall on my birthday, and what better way to spend it than with my two favorite guys!! Sean and Shad in front of Willie McCovey's statue
Checking out batting practice =)
The look on Shad's face as he watched batting practice was priceless..such a big field and they can hit the ball so far!!!

3 of the 4 Jarvs in our seats at AT&T Park....Go Giants!!

Shad showing off his ticket..he held on to it like it was gold!

After the game they allowed children to run the bases!!! I'm not sure who was more excited, Sean or Shad!! There was a long line, but it went quickly

Walking on the right field warning track...he was so excited, and said he was going to run really fast!!

There he goes!!!--I took video too, but they kinda pushed me out of there so the video is a little too shaky. After the game we stopped at Mel's Diner for dinner...mmmmmm! Perfect day! Now, when Shad watches the Giants play, he feels a bit more connected...and asks a lot more questions! (how many homeruns does this guy have, how many strikes on this batter, how many outs...or he just tells us everything he knows throughout the game...LOL!)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baking Cookies

The kids LOVE to bake, and we haven't been doing much of it lately because, honestly, I don't want it in the house!! I'll eat it! I finally caved, and we baked cookies yesterday! The kids got to use their new aprons!! Shad's was made by Aunt Colleen, and Kaihla's by Anutie Kimberly!

They each had their own measuring cups and spatulas..they were such a big help..and took turns very well

Shad and Kaihla's first trip to the Dentist!

We tried to take Shad to the Dentist about a year ago, when I was working at the dental office, and it did not go well. This time I went with a Pediatric Dentist here in Windsor, Dr. Oliver. Kaihla was stoked to go, and Shad, well, he was apprehensive... Until he found out they had video games!!! (This is in the waiting room)
Kaihla playing games in the waiting room

First they put a monster on the chair, and showed the kids what they would be doing, let them touch the instruments, and showed them how they needed to open their mouth. Kaihla was very interested....Shad was hiding behind my legs at this point!

Guess who went first?? Kaihla had no fear, or apprehension about hopping up on the chair and letting the Dentist look in her mouth!

Then she got her teeth cleaned! It even looks like she's smiling :-)

AND we got Shad up in the chair!!! Thanks to the handy-dandy, DS. I swear we could have pulled his teeth, as long as he had that, he was fine!!

They finally got him to put it down, and guess what?!? It wasn't THAT bad!! Shad actually enjoyed it

They were even able to take X-rays! It was cool, they have a saddle that the kids sit on to take the x-ray's. I was so proud of them. They got to pick out a toy, they have them each a shirt with a red-eye tree frog on it (and Dr. Oliver's name & # of course!)..then we had a nice 'I'm proud of you lunch' at McDonalds!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thanksgiving 2009

We started off Thanksgiving 2009 like we always do, with a Fab dinner at my Grandma's house the Saturday before. It's always such a great feeling, it's the first 'holiday' gathering, delicious turkey, family and Pictionary! For the Thanksgiving holiday, we head up to Sean's mom's house! We had such a fun trip! The kids absolutely LOVE it up there! And they love their Nana to pieces! Here's some pictures from that trip. (I forgot my camera for Grandma's Thanksgiving!) These are not in order...Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, we go hunting for Vickie's Christmas Tree. After awhile, Kaihla decided to stay in the truck, I think she had just as much fun!
She's was snowing and she insisted on driving with the windows down, and her head out the window (Don't worry, I was right there, and it was on a back, back road, going about 7 MPH)

Vickie, Kaihla and Shad going night quadding!!

Our Thanksgiving turkey!!

Shad and Kaihla helping Daddy around Nana's house

He loves to help! (I'm talking about both of them) Sean raked up most, if not all of Vickie's pine needles and put them in the burn pile

Baby it's cold outside...bundle up!

So what do you do once you have tons of pine needles...burn them!! The kids enjoyed watching the huge fire

What do they say...'The family that gets dirty together, stays together!"

We went quadding, I had Kaihla with me, and I was freezing. We were on our way back home and there were some huge puddles...Sean went right thru them, getting completely muddy, I gracefully tried to go around...and as you can tell by the looks of us, that didn't work!! Next in store for us was a HOT bath!!

Kaihla quadding with her Nana (Obviously before the mud!)

Shad and Kai Kai on our quads

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saaawwwinngg batter!

The kids love their T-ball set, Shad has been doing really well hitting when pitched to him. Well, jealous Kaihla wanted to get into the action, and boy is she a natural! Kaihla getting ready to hit the ball!

These are backwards, the one below should be first...he's concentrated , and pretty good form!

Video's of the kids hitting the ball..

Roller Skating!!

We took the kids roller skating for the first time!!! 2-days a week Cal-Skate has "tot-skate" where they allow the parents to walk with the kids without skates. Shad and Kaihla were SO SO excited!!! Kaihla's got her skate, and she's ready to go! Now we just have to put them on...
Shad was really, really excited to skate

...until he got his skates on....

Kaihla and whale were ready to go..that's my girl...always ready for a new adventure!

...until she decided it wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and crawling on the floor got you there faster!

Kaihla got a little help from the instructor, and actually did pretty good!
Shad and Kaihla said they want to do it's probably just one of those things where they need more practice and they'll enjoy it more!

My 30th!!!

Wow, I'm 30...crazy!! For my birthday, Sean planned out our entire day...WITHOUT kids!!! We dropped them off early at my mom's house, and headed for Muir Woods. We were able to go on 2 long in the morning, then we had lunch, then went on another long hike in the afternoon! Muir Woods is amazing, the trees are huge!!! After that we went to an amazing dinner! Happy Bday to me :-)

See..the trees are HUGE!!!!

Most of them were hollow inside..this one even had a little bench! It's so strange to sit inside a tree!